My shiny new gmail account.

Jennifer invited me to get a gmail account, with the intention that we would use it to have a shared calendar (I think she got tired of me asking her when I was free). Now that I got one, I'm very impressed. I personally disklike any web interface for editing and composing emails, the restriction of only using the right mouse button bothers me most. What I like best is the fact that I can log into google from anywhere and have all the services I use.

1. Bookmarks. I've been using the google toolbar mainly for searching for awhile now. It's always been a bit of a pain to keep home and work synchronized. Worse, since Jennifer is usually logged in at home, I usually don't want to bother logging out and logging back in as myself just to check email, etc. Now my bookmarks travel with me.

2. Reader. The RSS agregator. I try to follow a bunch of blogs and I've tried various solutions with varying degrees of satisfaction. Now, I seem to have a solution I like. The best feature is the gadget that shows me the unread posts on the personalized homepage. Which brings me to:

3. Personalized Home Page. I really like this. I've added gadgets that show me the recents posts to my RSS feeds, my most recent entries in my (sadly small) list of gmail emails, todays weather, Wikipedia search, and more!

4. Calendar. The reason I got the darn thing. We've got a shared calendar that now means I don't have to call Jennifer up every time I need to know if I'm going out tonight.

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